is a website about online safety for kids and teens. It is supported by a large group of collaborators, including Microsoft,, iSafe, Net Family News and others. The site also provides resources about online safety for parents and teachers. for Kids has online games, a virtual community and interactive activities, which are age-appropriate for elementary students. The site provides online safety guidance through engaging web-based activities. for Teens is an upbeat and newsy site. The “What’s Hot” area describes the latest issues affecting teens and their friends in the Cyber World. The “Give and Take” area is a series of articles that examines an online safety issue from multiple/different points of view. The “411” area provides information on a variety of online safety topics, including PC security, protecting personal information, online predators and bullies, and issues with file sharing.

The site is nicely designed, well-supported and provides an excellent resource for kids, teens, parents and teachers to learn more about web safety.